B&H Rotary Clubs LogoThe Rotary Club of Brighton meets every Wednesday at the Royal Albion Hotel by Brighton Pier, for a 3-course lunch at 12:30 for 1:00 p.m.  Occasionally, for special events we may meet in the evening. See the Where and When We Meet page on this website for details of dates, times and speakers. Like us on Facebook.

Guests, visiting Rotarians from around the world, or prospective members are always assured of a warm welcome at this gathering of men and women from the city who meet for friendship and local development of the world-wide Rotary ideal of “service above self”. We do what we can by fund-raising and other endeavours to support both local community projects and major international campaigns, for example: the worldwide eradication of polio, malaria and water-borne diseases and providing relief to areas affected by natural disasters.

The Rotary Club of Brighton, provides invaluable opportunities to bring your skills to bear on numerous community and youth projects which depend on programmes of voluntary support.  The wide range of professions and business skills found among the members of every club, means that clubs can be great fun and wonderful networking forums.

Since 1913, Rotary fundraising in our City is probably worth several million £s in today’s values, of which about two thirds has been returned to local causes, very largely youth-related, and the remainder has been donated to international causes. Rotary provides business and social opportunities, with the added value of letting you contribute actively to the life and welfare of your community.

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