President:  Mark Wainwright

Vice President:  Alan Pocock

Immediate Past President:  Tim Dumps

Secretary:  Rhett Bartley

Treasurer:  Sue Maund

Chairman, Community & Vocational Committee:  Mick Barry

Chairman, International & Foundation Committee:  Peter Jukes OBE

Chairman, Projects:  John King

Chairman, Membership Development:  Every member should be looking for new members and befriending new joiners.

Other members of Club Council:  Gwyneth Bowman, Mark Tidy

Other Officers:

Alan Pocock (Publicity, Editor of This Month and Child Protection Officer)

Jim Groves and Mick Barry (Sports Officers – Golf)

Rhett Bartley (Sports Officer – Skittles)

Doug Scott and Brian Edgerton (Accounts Examiners)

Frank Creed (Votes of Thanks)

Mick Barry (Club Archivist)

Pat Dines (Speakers Programme Coordinator)

Rhett Bartley (Web Master)